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The major cause of vitamin D deficiency is an underappreciation of sunlight's role in providing humans with their vitamin D requirement.

All things Vitamin D in the news

2 Apr 2014 | Vitamin D Reduces Mortality from Heart Disease and Cancer – New Study

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Two recent large studies reported that low levels of vitamin D may increase the risk of dying from cancer by 17% and heart disease by 35%. There is no benefit with Vitamin D2 but plenty of benefit with the consumption of Vitamin D3… READ MORE

2 Apr 2014 | Vitamin D levels can be checked, fortified

My mother lives with me, and I'm involved in her medical care. She's a tough cookie. But like many 88-year-olds, she has several health problems. We visit her doctor at least once a month to report what's working and what isn't doing the trick. Recently the doctor ordered blood work that showed she was low in vitamin D. So now I've added vitamin D tablets to her daily medication regime.

In the summer our bodies produce vitamin D when sunlight strikes our skin. But during the dark winter months, that source of vitamin D dries up... READ MORE

1 Apr 2014 | Study looks at why vitamin D deficiency diagnoses surged

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – April 1, 2014 – New research from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center suggests that physicians are ordering vitamin D deficiency screening tests for preventive care purposes rather than after patients develop conditions caused by decreased bone density.

For older patients, having a low vitamin D level is a condition that can cause weakening of bones, which can lead to fractures, and in children the deficiency can lead to rickets. The 2011 Institute of Medicine guidelines for vitamin D ... READ MORE

1 Apr 2014 | Still no clear evidence for health benefits of vitamin D

Despite a huge number of studies into the role of vitamin D on health, there is still no clear evidence that it has a beneficial effect on many conditions, conclude researchers.

They argue that "universal conclusions about its benefits cannot be drawn" and say further studies and better designed trials are needed... READ MORE

1 Apr 2014 | Health Alert: Vitamin D Report

Updated: Tuesday, April 1 2014, 05:15 PM EDT CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- A recent government report says we all may benefit from getting the right amounts of the "sunshine" vitamin.   This new report found that vitamin D is not a panacea for everything but if you need it, it is very important that you get it... READ MORE

1 Apr 2014 | Vitamin D Not Linked With Heart Risk in Men

Circulating levels of vitamin D had no apparent influence on overall risk for cardiovascular disease in older men, although there was some evidence for an elevated risk for cerebrovascular events among those with low levels, researchers reported.

For men whose serum 25(OH) vitamin D levels were below 20 ng/mL, the hazard ratio... READ MORE

Mar 2014 | Vitamin D Over Amoxicillin?

Can a simple supplement such as vitamin D do wonders for your health? According to some new research published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases site, it can help you steer clear of antibiotics.

Two studies in the Lancet looking at respiratory tract infections give credence to Vitamin D over amoxicillin...READ MORE

21 Mar 2014 | Basic Test Young Women Should Take

Lifestyle diseases are more the norm than the exception these days. And they no longer affect 35-plus women. Even the very young are now falling prey to these diseases. Early detection, diagnosis and treatment is pivotal to fighting their onset... READ MORE

20 Mar 2014 | Influence of Vitamin D Status and Vitamin D3 Supplementation on Genome Wide Expression

Although there have been numerous observations of vitamin D deficiency and its link to chronic disease, no studies have reported on how vitamin D status and vitamin D3 supplementation affect s broad gene expression in humans. The objective of this study was to determine the affect of vitamin D status and subsequent vitamin D supplementation on broad gene expression in healthy adults... READ MORE

18 Mar 2014 | Study finds no evidence that vitamin D supplements reduce depression

Vitamin D deficiency has been implicated in numerous health conditions in recent years, including depressed mood and major depressive disorder. Recent observational studies provide some support for an association of vitamin D levels with depression, but the data do not indicate whether vitamin D deficiency causes depression or vice versa. These studies also do not examine whether vitamin D supplementation improves depression... READ MORE

18 Mar 2014 | Why Vitamin D Could Prevent Autism

Researchers have noticed a link between Vitamin D and ASD for years. A new study explains how a lack of the vitamin could lead to problems in fetal and neonatal brain development, creating the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder... READ MORE

17 Mar 2014 | Racial Disparities in Childbirth More Environmental Than Genetic

DENVER – A new study investigating racial disparities in birth outcomes shows that contrary to some theories Vitamin D is unlikely to play a role in differences in preterm birth and low birth weight between African-Americans and whites.

“For years there has been this hypothesis that African-Americans have worse birth outcomes because they have more melanin in their skin which reflects the sun and therefore lowers levels of Vitamin D,” said study author Zaneta Thayer, PhD, assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Colorado Denver... READ MORE

17 Mar 2014 | Higher Vitamin D Level May Improve Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

The results of a new study found that higher levels of vitamin D were associated with improved cognition and mood in patients with PD.
The study, published in the December 2013 issue of the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease, examined neuropsychiatric function and serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in 286 PD patients with and without dementia... READ MORE

17 Mar 2014 | Dr. Oz Talks Vitamin D, Sam Champion, Corn Sensitivity and Anti-Aging Copper

            Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed the benefits of vitamin D, corn sensitivity, and weatherman Sam Champion's high blood pressure on the March 17 episode of the Dr. Oz Show ("Weatherman Sam Champion's Health Scare").

Dr. Oz said most of us don't get enough vitamin D, the benefits of which include weight loss, bone and immune health. Vitamin D also prevents heart disease, depression, and cancer... READ MORE

17 Mar 2014 | Vitamin D receptor gene variant protects against male LUTS

An international research effort aimed at identifying the genetic basis of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) has identified five candidate genes, one of which – encoding the vitamin D receptor (VDR) – is consistently protective against these symptoms in men. LUTS in men is highly heritable but little is known about the specific genetic polymorphisms involved... READ MORE 

17 Mar 2014 | Five Easy Steps Building Strong Bones all Year Long

From the North Pole to Atlanta, an icy Arctic vortex chilled most of us to the bone this winter. But a deep freeze might not be all that’s happened to your inner scaffolding... READ MORE

17 Mar 2014 | Vitamin D3 Lower in Premenopausal Women with Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

Low blood levels of vitamin D3 appear to be significantly linked to autoimmune thyroid disease, especially in premenopausal women, according to recent findings. In a cross-sectional study, researchers evaluated 6,685 patients seen for routine checkups at the Asan Medical Center in Seoul, Korea, between 2008 and 2012... READ MORE

17 Mar 2014 | Shailene Woodley’s Beauty Secrets: Eating Clay.. And Vitamin D for Her Vagina

An apple a day might keep the doctor away – but vitamin D supplements have been linked to benefits ranging from strong bones to weight loss. Now a new study is showing a link between vitamin D supplementation and lower breast cancer mortality... READ MORE 

16 Mar 2014 | Vitamin D Helps with Cholesterol, Breast Cancer, Bone Strength and Weight

An apple a day might keep the doctor away – but vitamin D supplements have been linked to benefits ranging from strong bones to weight loss. Now a new study is showing a link between vitamin D supplementation and lower breast cancer mortality... READ MORE

15 Mar 2014 | Vitamin D May Lower Cholesterol

Many observational studies have suggested that vitamin D may have benefits for heart health. Now a randomised trial has found that vitamin D appears to reduce levels of LDL, or “bad” cholesterol... READ MORE

15 Mar 2014 | Vitamin D Supplements May Prevent Cancer Deaths

According to a new study published in the March issue of Anticancer Researcher, the international journal of Cancer Researcher and Treatment, higher concentrations of vitamin D could help reduce mortality rates among breast cancer patients. In their study, titled “Meta-analysis of vitamin D Sufficiency for Improving Survival of Patients with Breast Cancer,” researchers analysed five different studies whose result were already known to discover a link between the presence of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D and breast cancer mortality rates... READ MORE

15 Mar 2014 | New Medical Study Suggests Vitamin D Supplement Are a Waste of Time

Vitamin D supplements have been helpful aides to many people over the years. The main issue has always been however, that vitamin D is available in various outlets and the actual supplements of the vitamin D is not actually needed... READ MORE

14 Mar 2014 | HealthBeat4: The Sunshine Vitamin

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) - Calcium is important for our bone health, but as Stephanie Schieffer with Mercy Medical Center explains, there's another vitamin that's often overlooked and it's just as important.

Vitamin D. The "sunshine vitamin."

"Our body uses sunlight to convert vitamin D that's usable in our bodies," said Scheiffer... READ MORE

14 Mar 2014 | Should You Take Supplements?

Recent news and research about vitamins and supplements can be confusing: One recent study, for example, said low levels of vitamin D may damage the brain, and higher levels of D have been linked a reduced risk of certain cancers. Yet a new research review found little health benefit from taking vitamin D supplements... READ MORE

13 Mar 2014 | Some Racial Disparities in Childbirth More Environmental Than Genetic

A new study investigating racial disparities in birth outcomes shows that contrary to some theories Vitamin D is unlikely to play a role in differences in preterm birth and low birth weight between African-Americans and whites. "For years there has been this hypothesis that African-Americans have worse birth outcomes because they have more melanin in their skin which reflects the sun and therefore lowers levels of Vitamin D," said study author Zaneta Thayer, PhD, assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Colorado Denver... READ MORE

13 Mar 2014 | Treatment for Disorders Focuses on Strengthening Bones, Slowing Bones Loss

Bones are in a constant state of renewal. Your body regularly makes new bone and breaks down old bone... READ MORE

13 Mar 2014 | Will Vitamin D Help Heal Eczema?

Eczema in children is common and often becomes more troublesome in winter. Investigators in Boston conducted a pilot study to see whether vitamin D supplements would benefit children with persistent eczema... READ MORE

13 Mar 2014 | Vitamin D – Benefits Beyond The Bones

Vitamin D. Many links it with sunshine (“Go outside and soak up some Vitamin D,” you’ve probably heard at one time or another) and most of us know Vitamin D is good for our bones. But there’s so much more to the Vitamin D story when it comes to keeping our bodies healthy and strong... READ MORE

10 Mar 2014 | Vitamin D - Could it Stop “Modern” Disease?

The report, published in 2004, gained support from the late Sir Richard Doll, the eminent epidemiologist who co-discovered the link between smoking and lung cancer. He had completed a clinical trial which found that people who took vitamin D supplements may live longer – and had he lived had wanted to do another... READ MORE

8 Mar 2014 | Good Lord! I’m Beating MS: How the Earl of Durham is Fighting Illness with A Veggie Die

The inexplicable and increasingly worrying symptoms had been plaguing me for more than a year when, in December 2007, aged 46, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). There had been problems with my balance to the point where I couldn’t walk without a stick, numbness throughout my body, slurred speech and, most upsetting of all, a clumsiness in my hands that left me unable to play the guitar... READ MORE

8 Mar 2014 | How to Fake Spring Happiness

February and March are notoriously evil months here in the Carolinas. One day it’s 17 degrees with blustering, icy winds- the next day it’s so warm and sunny the tulips start poking their way out of the mulch... READ MORE

7 Mar 2014 | Vitamin D Deficiency Correlated with Ankle and Foot Injuries

In a recent correlation study, people that suffer from ankle and foot injuries are more likely to also be deficient in vitamin D. This correlation between vitamin D deficiency and risk for foot and ankle injuries might serve to offer some dietary advice to athletes, the elderly, and others who are at higher risk of bone damage... READ MORE

7 Mar 2014 | New Study Shows Large Amounts Vitamin D in the Bloodstream Helps Fight Breast Cancer

A new study done by researchers at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine shows that women who have higher levels of Vitamin D in their blood have a better chance of fighting breast cancer. High levels of Vitamin D in the blood help to increase the rate at which the cells communicate with each other giving the cells a better chance at fighting off aggressive cancer cells... READ MORE

6 Mar 2014 | Birth Complications Can Result From Low Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin is also called the sunshine vitamin, and is the main reason why we want to bathe in morning sunshine every now and then. You see, vitamin D strengthens bones and joints and protects us from illnesses by boosting immune resistance... READ MORE

6 Mar 2014 | Autism is Link to Vitamin D, Serotonin

MUMBAI: A new study suggests that vitamin D may hold the key to treat autism as well. In recent times, vitamin D as emerged as a key player in health conditions ranging from depression to cancer... READ MORE

6 Mar 2014 | Vitamin D Increases Breast Cancer Patient Survival

Breast cancer patients with high levels of vitamin D in their blood are twice as likely to survive the disease as women with low levels of this nutrient, report University of California, San Diego School of Medicine researchers in the March issue of Anticancer Research. In previous studies, Cedric F. Garland, DrPH, professor in the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, showed that low vitamin D levels were linked to a high risk of premenopausal breast cancer... READ MORE 

6 Mar 2014 | Risk to Bone Health in Treating Chronic Disease in Younger Patients

Osteoporosis, a loss of bone strength that raises the risk of fractures, is one of the most common and crippling ailments associated with ageing in women. Increasingly, it is striking younger patients who have a host of other medical problems... READ MORE

5 Mar 2014 | PRESCRIPTION: Wading Through The Barrage of Diet Claims

Most of us know how challenging it is to down those five recommended servings of fresh fruit and vegetables daily and pop that daily supplement. So it really doesn’t help to open the paper one fine morning and read about how useless the vitamin is – it apparently doesn’t stall ageing or prevent heart disease or prevent our bones from leaching calcium, and so on, say experts sitting in an exotic lab someplace... READ MORE

4 Mar 2014 | High-Dose Vitamin D May Alleviate Urticaria

High-dose vitamin D3 as an adjuvant therapy holds potential benefit for patients suffering from chronic urticaria, according to results of a recent study. Researchers from University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, Nebraska, conducted a prospective, double-blinded, single-center study of 42 patients who had chronic urticaria... READ MORE 

3 Mar 2014 | Vitamin D and Autism: A Continuing Saga

The “sunshine vitamin” that is vitamin D has cropped up quite a few times on this blog for all manner of reasons. The suggestion of a link (whatever that means) between vitamin D and the autism spectrum conditions has received the lion’s share of coverage, be that in relation to measured levels of vitamin D or more speculative, the possible impact of something like deficiency of vitamin D to symptoms or physiology... READ MORE

9 Feb 14 | No Health Shield from Vitamin D Pills

source: The Lancet Diabetes & EndocrinologyThe Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology

Various studies have suggested vitamin D supplementation yields certain health benefits. But new research published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology suggests that evidence to back up these claims is lacking and that future studies are unlikely to change this outlook....READ MORE



Fibroid is more prevalent in women of African heritage. A gynaecologist, Prosper Igboeli, on Monday advised women to eat foods rich in vitamin D, as lack of it in the body could trigger... READ MORE

7 Feb 14 | HRT fracture prevention needs calcium and Vitamin D

Source: Rheumatology site
Oestrogen hormone replacement treatment alone may not reduce fractures in postmenopausal women and must be combined with calcium and vitamin D to have a benefit, a new analysis of the Womens’s Health Initiative shows.

In a study published in the journal Menopause, researchers from the University of California found that neither calcium/vitamin D nor HRT showed no significant effect on…READ MORE


5 Feb 14 | Low Vitamin D, Risk for Birth Complication?

Source: WebMD
Vitamin D deficiency during the first 26 weeks of pregnancy may raise an expectant mother’s risk of developing a severe form of high blood pressure called preeclampsia, a new study suggests.

In what they termed one of the largest studies to date on the link, researchers analyzed vitamin D levels in blood samples from 700 pregnant women who later developed preeclampsia and 3,000 pregnant women who did not develop the potentially life-threatening condition...READ MORE


2 Feb 14 | Vitamin D deficiency matter of concern

Source: The Hindu

It is clearly associated with diabetes, blood pressure and obesity

Present day lifestyle, characterised by unearthly working hours and less outdoor activity, has created a large population of patients with inherent Vitamin D deficiency, doctors maintain. According to them, 75 to 80 per cent of the body’s Vitamin D supply is met when the skin is exposed to sunlight, which seldom happens in cities..READ MORE


28 Jan 14 | Am I at risk for vitamin D deficiency?

Source: Michigan State university
Vitamin D is an important nutrient that your body needs for keeping bones strong, signaling for cell growth, immune functioning and decreasing inflammation. Vitamin D is a vitamin that we can not only eat, but also make within our own bodies. When ultraviolet rays from the sun hit your skin, it starts the process to produce vitamin D. Winter weather can keep us inside and decrease the amount of vitamin D our bodies make. To learn more about adding vitamin D into your diet, read about vitamin D rich foods in an article from Michigan State University Extension.

Cold weather during the winter might decrease vitamin D production for many of us, but there are also certain populations that are at risk for vitamin D deficiency during all times of the year…READ MORE


24 Jan 14 | Vitamin D Supplements Don't Help Your Health: Review

Source: WebMD<br>
There's little evidence that vitamin D supplements offer substantial health benefits, and several ongoing studies are unlikely to change that, according to a large new review.

Vitamin D supplements are taken by nearly half of American adults, according to the researchers.

The review authors analyzed the findings of 40 studies and determined that taking vitamin D supplements does not reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer or bone fractures in the general population by more than 15 percent...READ MORE


21 Jan 2014 | Michael F. Holick - The D-Lightful Vitamin D for Good Health

Adequate vitamin D nutrition is associated with the prevention of rickets in children and therefore, little thought is given about the consequences of vitamin D deficiency in adults. However, it is now becoming clear that vitamin D plays an important role in maintaining bone health from birth until death. Of equal importance is that vitamin D has a multitude of other biologic functions in the body... SEE MORE

21 Jan 14 | Vitamin D 'staves off multiple sclerosis symptoms'

Source: Philly
Vitamin D deficiency during the first 26 weeks of pregnancy may raise an expectant mother's risk of developing a severe form of high blood pressure called preeclampsia, a new study suggests.

In what they termed one of the largest studies to date on the link, researchers analyzed vitamin D levels in blood samples from 700 pregnant women who..READ MORE


20 Jan 14 | Understand the importance of Vitamin D for a baby

Source: Only my health
Health experts encourage the practise of feeding your baby with breast milk because it touts of many health benefits. But there is one nutrient which breast milk falls show of vitamin D.

Whether you choose to breastfeed or formula feed your baby you should give your baby…READ MORE


17 Jan 14 | Study of Vitamin D supplements for older people

Source: sbs
The health benefits of Vitamin D supplements for older people will be put to the test in one of the largest…READ MORE


15 Jan 14 | Should Australians be taking Vitamin D supplements given we live in sun-drenched nation

Source:Courier Mail
IT'S the health dilemma with a capital D - should Australians be taking vitamin D supplements, given we live in one of the most sun-drenched nations on earth.

Queensland researchers will today (Thursday) launch one of the world's biggest studies into the role of vitamin D on health, testing whether supplementation cannot only improve bone strength,…READ MORE


11 Oct 2013 | The 7 Most Common Sunscreen Myths and Mistakes

Imagine this summertime scenario: you arrive early at the beachfor a day of fun in the sun. Your (fictional) three-year-old is wearing a hat, rashie, sunglasses and you’ve also slathered sunscreen on to exposed part of his body, twice... READ MORE

29 Jul 2013 | Primary Vitamin D Target Genes Allow a Categorization of Possible Benefits of Vitamin

Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with an increased risk of developing a number of diseases. Here we investigated samples from 71 pre-diabetic individuals of the VitDMet study, a 5-month high dose vitamin D3 intervention trial during finnish winter, for their changes in serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D3(25(OH)D3) concentrations and the expression of primary vitamin D target genes in peripheral blood mononuclear cells and adipose tissue... READ MORE

4 Jun 13 | My Moods Nearly Cost Me My Marriage. But Then I tried This

I have always been a moody cow. The smallest thing can send me plunging into the foulest of moods and then moment later I perk up... READ MORE

19 JAN 13 | Vitamin D Accelerates Clinical Recovery from Tuberculosis

Result of The SUCCINT Study (Supplementary Cholecalciferol in Recovery from Tuberculosis). A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Clinical Trial of Vitamin D Supplementation in Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis’.

Vitamin D enhances host protective immune responses to Mycobacterium tuberculosis by suppressing Interferon-gamma (IFN-g) and reducing disease associated inflammation in the host. The objective of this study were to determine whether vitamin D supplementation to patients with tuberculosis (TB) could influence recovery... READ MORE