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The most common misunderstanding about vitamin D deficiency is that it is not a health issue. In fact in United States the CDC reported 32% of all children and adults are at risk for vitamin D deficiency. Studies in Australia reported that at least 40% of children and adults are at risk for vitamin D deficiency.

Supplements - the pros and cons

How much vitamin D can the body really absorb through vitamin supplements.

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  • I have had all over skin irritation, pins and needles that are hot and definite weakness all over and I'm cranky

  • Is this a trick question? Vitamin D isnt a true vitamin. Nonetheless at a guess id say little to none is absorbed in suppliment form. Most we get via uv absorbed through our forearms. Vitamin suppliments in generally are typically passed straight through your urine. Furthermore taking too many, which many do, is potentially harmful. Vitamin D is called the "sunshine vitamin" for a reason. The oldies really new best! Save your money and eat fresh produce. You dont need much at all. Sunlight exposure is absolutely essential to help the gut absorb many nutrients and helps kick start endocrine systems. Recent studies have also shown links to extremely low uv exposure to high rates of cvd. Don't forgo the sun. Before trying any suppliments, get a complete check up, then try this for a month & you'll be a new person. Another check up will prove it. Simply make the promise to walk (not drive) somewhere nice and watch the sunrise and sunset everyday for one month. Take an apple, a boiled egg and a bottle of water with u in the morning.
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  • I really have no idea.
    • me neither, so sick for so long and this is all the bloods came up with

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